Pre-requisites and Configuration

*Note: Please refer to the Server Installation Guide for pre-requisites and setup information relating to Unified Communicator.


Users configurations for Unified Communicator are preconfigured on the server. The end user will need to enter the IP address of the Unified Communicator server after installing the app.

Upon connecting the mobile app, the server will automatically provision the user.

*Note: Contact your administrator if the user account has not been provisioned. Manual set up is also available, see Server Installation Guide for more details.

*Note: If you are connecting to a Tenanted server, it is required that the Mobile licenses be assigned to the Master Tenant.


Unified Communicator uses the dialer presented by the Android operating system (normally a GSM dialer) on your mobile device to make and receive calls – it does not install an IP phone.

Client Installation

1. Search the Play store for 'Unified Communicator' then select 'Install'.


*Note: Selecting 'Install' automatically downloads/installs to the mobile device.


2. Select 'Open' to start Unified Communicator.


3. Enter the IP address or domain name of the server, then select 'Next':

*Note: The IP address or domain must be provided by the administrator. Example: or (IP with optional port number).

4. A message will indicate the configuration has been successful. Select 'Finish' to launch Unified Communicator:


*Note: (Optional) If your settings have not been preconfigured, you will see a screen giving you two options. Selecting 'Refresh' will cause Unified Communicator to check again for your preconfigured settings (recommended connection method).

To configure Unified Communicator yourself, select 'Manual setup' to open the main Settings menu.

*Note: To access the Settings menu of Unified Communicator, select the 'Overview' button on the mobile device itself.


Select 'Connection' in the Settings menu to manually set the connection parameters:


The Connection settings are summarized below:

*Note: Options will appear unavailable if the server settings are preconfigured.


Server address:The details you entered on the Welcome screen should already be in place here. If not, enter the IP address of your Server. To use a specific port number, append it to the IP address using a colon e.g. To force an encrypted TLS connection (advised), you must append TCP port 21051 (default), or the port number provided by your administrator, to the public IP address as explained above.

Preconfigured Settings

If your mobile client settings have been preconfigured by your System Administrator then the login options will be grayed out and unavailable for editing.

Switch to another Server

To change the server your mobile device is registered with, select this option and enter a new IP address or domain name.

*Note: If your mobile client settings have been previously preconfigured on the new server then your client will automatically refresh the login and configuration settings and connect to the new server. If however, the device has not been preconfigured and connected, the steps mentioned in the Welcome Screen and Server Configuration Menu section will need to be followed.

Username:Enter the username given to you by your administrator.

Password:The password that needs to be entered here is the password set on the Server by the administrator.

Deskphone extension:Enter the extension number that represents your deskphone.

*Note: This may be the same as your mobile extension.

Dial Through Preferences Configuration Menu

From the Number Preferences menu, select the 'Dial Through preferences' option:


The 'Dial Through preferences' settings are summarized below:


Dial Through Number:Enter the pilot number for your DISA / Auto-attendant system. Enter the entire DID number to dial.

*Note: Entering only the last half of the DID number will not work.

Pause character:Enter the character used by your telephone system to indicate a pause e.g. "," (a comma).

Trunk access:Enter the code used by your telephone system's Dial Through to access an outside line e.g. 9 is common.

External number length:Enter the number of digits an external telephone number would be expected to have i.e. a telephone number with fewer digits than the value entered here will be considered an internal number by Unified Communicator.

Select the Back button to save and return to the previous menu.

At this point Unified Communicator is configured to connect to and communicate with, as well as make and receive Dial Through calls.

Select the 'OK' button to save the settings and start using Unified Communicator, or configure the following optional settings below.

Interface Configuration Menu

Setting for sorting extensions by number or name:


Sort extensions:Selecting this option reveals a submenu to sort extensions on the Presence screen by name or number. Select the desired option for sorting extensions.

Select the Back button to save and return to the previous menu.

Advanced settings

Setting for starting Unified Communicator automatically at start up:


Load on reboot:Check this option to start Unified Communicator automatically when your phone reboots.

Tap the 'OK' button to save your settings.

*Note: The main interface is where the list of extensions will be downloaded to the mobile device (this usually only takes a few seconds). The Unified Communicator icon will turn green to indicate the app has connected to your telephone system.

Connecting to a Multi-Tenanted environment

Connecting to a Tenanted server, requires additional Configuration from your Service Provider (who will have access to the UCServer Configuration tool).

When connecting to a Tenanted Server, you must first connect to the Master Tenant (you can do this by typing the full IP address or domain name, provided by your Service Provider).

If successful, the Handset will be registered on the Mobile Devices section. Your Service Provider will then pair the device to the relevant Tenant and the required user account details.

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