Dial Through Preferences

Settings for telephony dialing rules:

Dial Through

Dial Through Number:Enter the pilot number for the DISA / Auto-attendant system. Enter the entire DID number to dial through.

*NOTE: Entering only the last half of the DID number will not work.

Pause character:Enter the character used by the telephone system to indicate a pause e.g. "," (a comma).

Trunk access:Enter the number required by the telephone system to access an outside line e.g. 9 is common.

*NOTE: This setting only applies to 'Mobile via Dial through' and is not applied to Softphone settings. In order to use Dial through on a Softphone, trunk access must be configured on the Softphone app itself.

External number length:Enter the number of digits an external telephone number would be expected to have.

*NOTE: A telephone number with fewer digits than the value defined here will be considered an internal number by Unified Communicator.

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