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Social network integrations

With so much social networking data floating around the internet, it seems a shame not to use it.

You can add your social networking account details for Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn to UCx Integrator Client. When you make or receive a call, if Unified Communicator knows the other person's email address, it will search through your friends lists for MySpace and LinkedIn plus it will search through the entire Facebook member list. If it finds the other person, it will give you the opportunity to pop their page in whatever social networking site it found them just like if it finds them in your CRM app.

Account details window

To add an account's details, click the Add button and the Social Networking settings screen will open. Select the social network these account details are for e.g. Facebook, from the Provider dropdown box. Enter your Username and Password into the text boxes and then click OK to add the details to the list.

If you ever need to modify an account's details, just select it in the list and click Edit to open the settings screen, modify what you need to and click OK.

You can delete an account from the list by selecting it and clicking Remove. This action cannot be undone so use with caution. Note: Deleting an account from this list does not delete the actual account with the social network, deleting it here just stops Unified Communicator from using it to look up callers.

Click the Save button to store any new/edited information or click the Cancel button to discard any new/edited information.

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