Call History window

The Call History window is accessed from the Call History item on the main menu or from the tray icon menu. As well as reviewing recent activity, you can dial someone from here by clicking on their telephone number and you can access their contact record here by clicking on their name. It's good practice to store the names of people when you speak to them, especially if you're likely to speak to them again.

By default, the Call History screen returns the fifty most recent calls. The next fifty can be accessed by pressing the page right button in the bottom right of the window.

Click to dial contact
Click to view/add contact
Filter control

Call History Filter window

The Call History can be filtered using the following criteria:

Direction (Inbound or outbound)

Answered (Answered or Not answered)

External calls (External or Internal)



Also, to aid readability you can hide and show individual days from your history by pressing the expand/collapse button to the left of the date.

Add new contact from the Call History

You can add a new contact record to the shared Address Book from your Call History by clicking on where the name would appear (it will be a location name in brackets instead). When you do this, the Create contact window will appear.

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