Address Book window

The Address book window is accessed from the Address book item on the main menu or tray menu icon. It provides access to a company-shared address book and integrated CRM databases.

Search text
Search button
New contact button
Advanced options buttons
Search results

Search text: Enter the text to search for within the contacts.

Search button: Click on this button to begin the search.

New contact button: Click this button to add a new contact record to the shared Address Book.

Advanced options buttons: Click this button to show advanced options for further filtering of the search results.

Address Book advanced options

If you get too many results back, you may want to consider further restricting your search by using the Advanced options. Users can filter by address fields such as town or postal code (Where), other fields (What) and the specific database where you think the contact might be currently stored (Source).

Search results: Click on the telephone number of a contact to dial them, or click on their name to edit or view their contact details.

Page: Use the arrow buttons or type the page number you want to view into the box.

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