Chat window

You can use the integrated chat window to communicate with other users without tying up their line or having to interrupt a connected call. To start a conversation, open the Presence window, then right-click on the extension or user you want to send a message to and click the Send Message option on the pop up context menu.

"To" box
Select peer
Rich text
Text input

Conversation: All of the previous messages in the conversation are displayed here in chronological order. Just click on any hyperlinks to follow them.

To box: Names/numbers of the message recipients are typed here or you can use the button at the end of the box to add them (see Select Peer). Multiple recipients should be separated with semi-colons (;).

To box

When you have added a recipient, if their name or number appears in the To box with a line under it, the chat window has recognized it and your messages will be sent to this user or extension. If a name/number has a line through it, the chat window cannot deliver messages to it.

Rich text: Select the input text to modify then select an option from this pop up menu to apply an effect or select an option and then type.

Text input: Type your text here and press Enter to send your message. Hyperlinks can be typed or pasted and are formatted automatically.

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