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Dial Through Settings window

can use the Dial Through (Direct Inward System Access – DISA) or Auto Attendant configuration capability of the telephone system to allow the user to dial extension numbers or external numbers from their mobile phones via their telephone system. Please note that will automatically recognize numbers of a certain length as internal numbers and will use the Dial Through option regardless of the Always Dial Through setting (assuming DISA or Auto-Attendant is set up and the extension number dialed does not require a DID number to be associated with it).

Always Dial Through: When dialing an external number, the mobile phone user can decide whether to dial an external number directly through GSM or via the telephone system. The preferred method of dialing out is controlled by toggle button (slide your finger across the slider button to turn it ON or OFF).

Tap each option in the Dial Through Settings section and enter the following details:

Dial Through number: Enter the pilot number for your DISA / Auto-attendant system. Enter the entire DID number to dial. Entering only the last half of the DID number will not work.

Pause character: Enter the character used by your telephone system to indicate a pause e.g. "," (a comma).

Trunk access: Enter the code used by your telephone system's Dial Through to access an outside line e.g. 9 is common.

External number length: Enter the number of digits an external telephone number would be expected to have i.e. a telephone number with fewer digits than the value entered here will be considered an internal number by .

Fast Dial: Enabling Fast Dial will significantly reduce the connection times that are normally associated with Dial Through dialing; this feature requires Wi-Fi/3G or better (slide your finger across the toggle button to turn it ON or OFF).

Click your device's "Done" button to save your settings and go back to the previous menu. At this point is configured to connect to and communicate with UC Server as well as make and receive Dial Through calls.

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