Settings window

In the Settings menu you can access the first group of settings we need to configure. Tap on the options in the Connection section to enter the following details:

Server address: The details you entered on the Welcome screen should already be in place here. If not, enter the IP address of your UC Server. To use a specific port number, append it to the IP address using a colon e.g. You must append TCP port 21051 (default), or the port number provided by your administrator, to the public IP address as explained above.

Deskphone extension: Enter the extension number that represents your deskphone on the phone system. This may be the same as your mobile extension.

Mobile extension: Enter the extension number that represents your mobile device on the phone system. This may be the same as your deskphone extension but is more often a different virtual extension number. This can be left blank if the device is only used in deskphone mode.

Tap on the options in the Login section to enter the following details:

Username: Enter the username given to you by your administrator. This should match the username which is set up in your UC Server user settings.

Password: The password you need to enter here is your UC Server User password that is set in your User record in UC Server.

Click on your device's "Done" button to save your settings and return to the main menu. At this point Unified Communicator is configured to connect to and communicate with UC Server but you also need to configure the Dial Through settings to make full use of Unified Communicator.

This screen also allows you to setup your preferences for the Presence screen display like "Enhanced Presence", grouping extensions by Departments by simply sliding the "ON or OFF" button and sorting the extensions either by Name or Number.

Unified Communicator detects the Language of the iOS on your mobile device. If your language preference differs from those set by Unified Communicator, you can easily change them by selecting the preferred language from the 'Language" list.

The option "Clear Settings" will delete the current client configuration, please consult with your administrator before choosing this option.

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