Presence window

The Presence screen displays the list of extensions and users that has been downloaded from the telephone server. The list can be split into departments as they are stored on UC Server. Groups can be expanded and contracted by simply tapping on them.

You can create a group of Favourites by tapping on the user and selecting 'Add to favorites'. If the user already exists in the group you can always remove it by tapping on the 'Remove from favourites' option. Favourites group will always be displayed at the top of the Presence Screen. Adding or removing users from the Favourites does not affect the content of the other groups.

Add to favorites

If you see a number on the Presence Screen that you would like to call, just tap on it and the Actions menu will provide you with two options;

  1. Call the number using Dial Through (Dial Through must be set-up, see Dial Through Settings) or,
  2. Call using Dial Direct option (assuming that DID for the extension has been preconfigured on UC Server).

Dialing options

Tap on one of the preferred dialing methods and the call will be made. Note: Calls to internal numbers automatically goes using Dial Through.

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